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Total War: Rome 2 is getting new Pirates and Raiders DLC

Total War: Rome 2 is getting a new Pirates and Raiders culture pack which will add the first playable Thracian and Dacian factions to the game, Eurogamer reports.

These factions will feature their own new battlefield units, naval units and culture units.

Pirates and Raiders is slated to launch in the next few weeks, in addition to new free DLC that will bring one about one new playable Balkan faction, the Getae, and a new historical battle: the Battle of Pydna.

Developer Creative Assembly confirmed last year it plans to offer players both paid and free downloadable content for the game. Speaking to Polygon last year lead designer James Russell told us paid content is split between three general types of packs, and "gamers can expect to see culture packs that add more playable factions and unique units, feature packs that add gameplay or wide-ranging aesthetic changes, and campaign packs that add entirely new story-based campaign expansions."