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Square Enix reveals the survivors for Japan's Left 4 Dead arcade game

The four teammates that star in Left 4 Dead: Survivors, Square Enix and Valve's collaboration to release the zombie shooter in Japanese arcades, include a schoolgirl, bartender, uni student and a tour guide.

The survivors include Japanese university student, Kudo Yusuke (CV: Kijima Ryuichi), who was visiting the United States when the outbreak hit, and Japanese high school student Haruka Hirose. They are joined by former member of the Navy and hotel bartender, Blake Jordan and tour guide, Kirishima Sara, who was on a school trip with Japanese students in the U.S.

The YouTube channel for Taito, a subsidiary of Square Enix, released a video last week offering a glimpse of what its gameplay looks like, but little of its payable survivors. Left 4 Dead: Survivors appears to retain the gameplay of Valve's first-person shooter with recasted Japanese characters.

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