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Hyrule Warriors stages will bear a 'close resemblance' to Dynasty Warriors games

Levels in Hyrule Warriors, an upcoming hybrid of The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors, will bear "a close resemblance" to those seen in the Dynasty Warriors franchise, Nintendo announced today.

In Hyrule Warriors, players take control of Link as he battles the evil sorceress Cia to save Princess Zelda. Players will explore levels such as Hyrule Field and encounter both new enemies and old foes from The Legend of Zelda.

The company also confirmed several details posted earlier this month in Famitsu, including Impa's debut as a playable character. Impa, who typically serves Zelda in the series, fights with a giant sword and powerful combos. Other playable characters will also be available in the game.

"Many other surprising playable characters make appearances in Hyrule Warriors, and each playable character will have signature weapons and action animations," the announcement reads."

Hyrule Warriors launches in Japan Aug. 14. A Western release date has not been announced.

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