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Titanfall PC: CTF is coming back in matchmaking update

Respawn Entertainment will reintroduce Capture the Flag mode to the PC version of Titanfall along with other changes to the game's matchmaking, according to an announcement made to the game's website.

The mode was originally removed from the PC version of the game because "less than one percent of the player base was even trying to play CTF," and there were problems with its matchmaking, resulting in the player being unable to find and play a match. Many players expressed their disappointment over the removal of the mode, so Respawn is reintroducing it with wider region searches.

"If you’re searching for five minutes without starting a game, Stryder (the back-end matchmaking service) will eventually widen your search to include neighboring continents," the announcement reads. "This means you might end up in a game with a much higher ping than you’re used to, but as players pointed out; playing is preferred to not playing at all!"

In addition, the developer is working on features to increase visibility and control over matchmaking. Lobbies will show "Connecting..." on player slots when players are joining the match to avoid the misconception that a game may not fill up.

Teams are also being rebalanced and players will be shuffled so teams have even skill. "The premise for our choice prior to this change was that we needed to account for parties that can’t be broken up," the announcement reads. "In other words, we needed to face the worst problem head on, and we’ll continue to find more ways to balance these lobbies and do better for the lobbies that don’t have the party problem."

The developer is also working on new game modes and riffs on existing game modes, but these are yet to be detailed. The full run-down on Titanfall's matchmaking service can be read here.

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