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Amplitude Kickstarter closes with $844K

Harmonix Music Systems' Kickstarter campaign for a reboot of its second game, 2003's Amplitude, ended minutes ago with a final tally of $844,127 from 14,112 backers.

The 18-day funding drive met its goal of $775,000 yesterday evening, less than 22 hours before time ran out; the final total was 8 percent higher than the goal. Harmonix failed to reach its stretch goal of $1.125 million, which would have allowed the studio to add online head-to-head multiplayer to the game. The company previously indicated that the Kickstarter goal represents less than half of Amplitude's projected budget.

Amplitude is set for release on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in March 2015. Numerous artists have signed on to contribute music to the game, including Anamanaguchi, Jim Guthrie and Freezepop. For more on Harmonix's reasoning for launching the Kickstarter campaign, check out our interview with the studio.

Update: Kickstarter has revised the campaign's total to $844,127 from 14,112 backers, not $844,107 from 14,111 backers. We've edited the story above to reflect this.

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