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Star Citizen's funding surges past $44 million

Over the past three weeks, Star Citizen added another million dollars to its world-record crowdfunding total, bringing the combined backing to $44 million. The anticipated release of the space combat simulator's dogfighting module by the end of this month is likely behind the surge.

Star Citizen's funding reached $43 million on April 28 and stood at $42 million on April 15. It is by far the highest-crowdfunded video game project ever, even considering the recent history of this segment, with more than 450,000 individual backers. Of the $44 million raised, $34 million of it has come since June 2013.

The project still is capable of setting and meeting stretch goal features. Should the project hit $46 million, backers will receive in-game "scanning software" which enables them to find resources in Star Citizen's universe.

To commemorate the latest fundraising milestone, creator Chris Roberts released a piece of concept art for a "negotiation room" (pictured above) where players can cut deals inside their ships.

Arena Commander, the dogfighting module for Star Citizen, is due to launch on Thursday, bringing with it two singleplayer modes. Others will be invited to participate in a multiplayer test. Arena Commander was shown off at PAX East in April.

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