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Ultra Street Fighter 4 upgrade won't include trials for new characters at launch, says Capcom

Ultra Street Fighter 4 won't include trials for any of its new characters when its digital upgrade launches on June 3, Capcom said to CVG.

Capcom added that fans should "stay tuned" as there will be more news on this subject after the digital upgrade arrives. The trials that will be included are for existing characters, and trials will be added for the new characters introduced in 2010's Super Street Fighter 4 but not Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition. Trials are a way for players to learn the move sets and talents of the game's roster.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will add five characters to the roster for a total of 44. It will also add six new battle environments, new game modes and rebalanced gameplay. It also will allow players to share gameplay video directly to YouTube.

The game is first being released as a $15 download to upgrade existing copies of Super Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A full retail version is planned to launch for both consoles on Aug. 5, and on Steam for PC on Aug. 8. The retail edition will offer all previously released costumes for the game.

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