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High-speed 3D hand gesture interface allows users to interact with 3D holographic displays

The developers of zSpace, an interactive hardware and software platform, and Ishikawa-Watanabe Laboratory have developed a high speed 3D hand gesture interface that detects the 3D position of a user's hand to interact with holographic display.

The system combines a 3D hand gesture interface with a 3D virtual holographic display system. University of Tokyo's Ishikawa-Watanabe Laboratory-developed high speed 3D interface uses super high speed stereo cameras to recognize gestures and track 3D position at 500 frames per second with low small latency. According to the creators, fast and tiny movements can be detected by the system easily.

"Low latency response not only removes that sense of incongruity, but also gives a feeling of being immersed in the virtual environment," the system's description reads. "Progress in 3D image operativity [sic] brings intuitive interaction and high efficiency."

Proposed practical applications for the system include surgical operations, "because [the] user can operate 3D image[s] without touching anything" and creative arts. You can see the interactive platform in action in the video above.

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