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Ibb and Obb hits Steam today with a 20 percent discount

Ibb and Obb, the gravity-bending puzzle platformer from independent Dutch developers Codeglue and Sparpweed, arrived on Steam for Windows PC today. 

Four versions of the game are available at a 20 percent discount until Monday, June 2. Ibb and Obb is on sale for $9.59 (regularly $11.99), while the Best Friends Forever Double Pack is available for $11.19 ($13.99). Two versions bundle the game's soundtrack: the Deluxe Edition for $12.79 ($15.99) and the Luxurious Friends Forever Double Pack for $15.19 ($18.99). Composer Kettel's soundtrack, which is also on Bandcamp, is available as downloadable content through Steam for $5.99.

The abstract puzzle game, which is designed for two player co-op, was first released on PlayStation 3 in 2013. Developer Richard Boeser is also part of the Super Game Jam documentary that chronicles the creation of five games in 48 hours. Press play below to see Ibb and Obb's horizontally split gravity in action. 

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