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Battlefield 4 free trial available May 27 on PlayStation 3

Starting May 27 PlayStation Plus members will be able to download a trial version of Battlefield 4.

In a PlayStation Blog entry posted on May 26, PlayStation says that once downloaded players will have "20 playable hours from the first moment" they begin playing.

The latest offering in EA's series of military shooters,  Battlefield 4 has been plagued with performance issues and other bugs since its launch in October of 2013. Polygon's own review was initially published as a 7.5, but has since been lowered to a 4. Reviews Editor Arthur Gies stated in his update that "more than a month after its initial release, Battlefield 4 is still barely playable for many players, and EA and DICE can't seem to fix the problem."

"As such," he concluded, "it's difficult for us to recommend a game that otherwise may be the strongest multiplayer shooter of the year."

Since that time EA and developer DICE have made numerous changes to the game and its underlying server architecture. Polygon's StoryStream contains a historical account of the game's post-release evolution.

Update: The original version of this article listed a March 27 release. We've corrected it and apologize for the confusion. 

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