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CyberCook is the next game from MotorStorm creator

Starship, the Liverpool-based studio helmed by MotorStorm creator Martin Kenwright, announced today the development of its new interactive cooking platform CyberCook.

The smartphone and tablet release is set to launch in Q4 of this year, and is currently one of three titles in development from the studio.

"There has been no major step change in the evolution of consumer cooking experiences in over 20 years," says Kenwright. "The 19th century had cookery books, 20th century had TV, analogue media and live shows. Direct to consumer has come of age, with mass technology ownership allowing us to move beyond existing channels into a brave new world called CyberCook. It's an experience second only to real cooking, a genuine game-changing platform with infinite opportunities for collaboration, partnerships and social media."

Starship is also currently developing the children's adventure series Playworld, an arts and crafts creation tool for mobile devices. Playworld will be released later this year.

The company also previously announced its lifestyle product Forget-Me-Not, a memory aid with patents currently pending.

"In five years, I fully expect memory aids to be as ubiquitous as hearing aids," says Kenwright. "We're now in a position where we're waiting for the hardware to catch up with what we've created. We need the use of low-energy chipsets in the wearables sector to increase massively before the true power of Forget-Me-Not can be fully realised."

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