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Sacred 3 release date bumped up to Aug. 5, pre-orders now open

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Sacred 3, Keen Games' action role playing game, will be released Aug. 5 — three weeks earlier than previously scheduled, publisher Deep Silver announced today.

Those who pre-order the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC game in North America will receive Malakhim, a new playable character who battles enemies with "mysterious blood magic." GameStop pre-orders include the Underworld Story mission pack, as well as Malakhim and the Z4ngr13f Weapon Spirit. New to the franchise in Sacred 3, Weapon Spirits are upgradable items that allow players to augment their weapons. Some Spirits take the form of characters from previous Spirit games.

Sacred series characters Ancarian, Khukuri, the Safiri and Seraphim will return in Sacred 3, which offers two-player local co-op and four-player online co-op.

Deep Silver initially announced an August 26 PlayStation 3 release in March 2014. Press play above to watch a new trailer and see Sacred 3 in action.