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Battlefield 4 now has microtransactions with Battlepacks you can buy

Battlefield 4 developer EA DICE added microtransactions to the first-person shooter today, giving players the opportunity to pay for Battlepacks, according to a post on The Battlefield Blog.

Battlepacks already exist in the game: They're bundles of items such as accessories, dog tags, XP boosts and knives, and players earn them by progressing through the multiplayer ranks. As of today, players also have the option to use real money as a shortcut and pay for Battlepacks instead of earning them. DICE pointed out that Battlefield 4 will still give out Battlepacks in the normal gameplay progression.

DICE is selling Battlepacks in three varieties: Bronze ($1), Silver ($2) and Gold ($3). They're available through Origin, the Battlelog website, the Battlefield 4 in-game store, the PlayStation Store and the Xbox Games Store. For more on Battlefield 4, check out our full review.

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