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Payday 2: The Shadow Raid Heist introduces the first 'stealth only' job for the series

Payday 2: The Shadow Raid Heist, the latest free update for Overkill's heist-based shooter, will launch May 29 for Windows PC, ushering in the first stealth only job in the PayDay franchise.

Players are tasked with covertly breaking into a derelict warehouse operated by the Murkywater Corporation with the aim to see what is stashed in the shipping containers. If spotted, the alarm will go off giving players only 60 seconds to finish up and vanish. Bonus treasure is located inside a key-card secured, timelocked vault. Those who successfully break into the vault without tripping the alarm will be given a special reward.

Six new achievements of ramping difficulty rolling out with The Shadow Raid Heist include "mall ninja" to "elite ghost," where players have to get everything out including the treasure. Bonus content consists of soft copy art assets such as a Samurai Mask, Shadow Raid poster and desktop image.

Beginning May 29 until June 2, those who don't already own PayDay 2 can play for free and the game will be 67 percent off its full price for those who wish to purchase the title. In February, Overkill's parent company Starbreeze Studio signed a reworked Payday 2 contract with publisher 505 Games. The $6 million agreement commits to another two other years of ongoing DLC for Payday 2, replacing the old agreement of five DLC packages.

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