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Carcassonne's fifth expansion adds The Phantom

TheCodingMonkeys released The Phantom, the fifth expansion for its iPhone and iPad versions of medieval land-grab strategy board game Carcassonne.

The expansion, now available as In-App Purchase for $0.99, adds a ghostly-transparent game piece called The Phantom. The piece can be played in addition to a regular one during the players turn and having one more follower at the disposal.

"Keep this in mind and be a little more liberal when placing followers," according to the game's strategy guide. "The Phantom is most effective when you can use it again and again. So when you can, prefer placing the Phantom on areas you complete, or that are going to be complete very soon. Don't place it on fields, except in extreme circumstances."

The Phantom can be played in conjunction with The Princess and Dragon expansion that TheCodingMonkeys launched in December. It added the Dragon, a card that can cause widespread damage to enemies, the Fairy and Magic Portals. The addition of the Princess provided strategic element to city-building.

‘A point of rules clarifications: When placing a tile with a magic portal (from the Princess & Dragon expansion), you can only send one follower through the portal. You can choose whether you want to send the Phantom or a normal follower through."

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