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THQ's abandoned office is a ghost town full of video game relics

When THQ declared bankruptcy and dissolved, it abandoned its office, leaving boxes, games, marketing materials and more behind, according to a gallery created by Reddit user Soulessgingr

The Redditor works for a company that moved into THQ's former headquarters. According to Soulessgingr, the THQ office includes abandoned hardware like cables, monitors, routers and TVs.

"It seems the building owner paid THQ for all the stuff they left," Soulessgingr wrote

But more important to video game fans, the office is also littered with video game awards, boxes and promotional materials for former THQ games like South Park: The Stick of Truth, which found new life at Ubisoft,  Saints Row the Third: Enter the Dominatrix, a planned standalone expansion that was eventually incorporated into Saints Row 4, and posters for Darksiders 2, a franchise that Nordic Games acquired

THQ's path to bankruptcy and insolvency was finalized in January 2013, when a U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge signed off on the $72 million sale of its assets to competitors. You can follow along with Polygon's coverage of the once mighty company's fall in our THQ StoryStream and see Soulessgingr's photos below. You can also watch an Overview video of South Park: The Stick of Truth below that. 

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