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Sony to foot the bill for exhibiting devs in Tokyo Game Show 2014's Indie Game Area

The Indie Game Area, a dedicated space for independent developers, will be free for exhibitors at Tokyo Game Show 2014 courtesy of PlayStation.

The area is being sponsored by Sony Computer Entertainment, who will cover the 99,900 yen bill (approximately $980) for each exhibitor over the course of four days. Developers are allowed to display games on any platform.

"The Indie Game Area is an exhibition area for independent game developers," the event's site reads. "This area gives game developers the opportunity to exhibit games for every platform at an affordable exhibition fee with the objective of creating new movements in the computer entertainment industry."

Space for developers is available for a public two-day exhibit or a four-day exhibit that includes business days, typically reserved for business visitors and media. Those interested must submit an application by the extended date of June 11. Up to 50 developers will be allowed to show their games each day.

Last year, 41 developers from 10 regions worldwide showed games at the Indie Game Area.

Tokyo Game Show 2014 will take place in Japan from Sept. 18 - 21. Its theme is Changing Games: The Transformation of Fun.

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