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Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 2 kicks off July 1

The second season of Guild Wars 2's Living World content begins July 1, developer ArenaNet announced today.

Living World is the tag used for major content upgrades to the game. Season 2 takes place after the defeat of Scarlet Briar and the destruction of Lion's Arch, one of the game's major cities. A new foe in the form of an Elder Dragon has awoken in the west, while players must also deal with the fallout of Lion's Arch.

Season 2 begins after the end of the Festival of the Four Winds, a Chinese-themed celebration of the game's recent launch in China. More information will be available as it nears its launch.

For more on Guild Wars 2, check out our review. You can also read our interview with design director Chris Whiteside to learn more about the game's evolving content through its Living World storylines.

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