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Zombie Studios head Jared Gerritzen departs for MLG

Former Zombie Studios creative studio head Jared Gerritzen is joining Major League Gaming as head of publisher and developer relations.

Gerritzen worked on the Blacklight series of games for Zombie, which recently released horror game Daylight (pictured). At MLG, which organizes and transmits online gaming tournaments, he will aim to "broaden and strengthen our position as the global leader in eSports while helping partners benefit from MLG's competitive gaming solutions," according to the company.

"Throughout my career I have been closely monitoring the evolution of MLG as its grown to become the leader in eSports and I understand how developers and publishers can benefit from competitive gaming and the solutions that MLG offers," Gerritzen said in an official statement.

Prior to working as studio head at Zombie, Gerritzen worked as a level designer at Monolith and Surreal Software as well as a stint as a 3D art instructor at Seattle Central College, according to his LinkedIn profile. He announced his departure from Zombie on Twitter yesterday, saying, "This is my last week at [Zombie Studios]. Its been a great 8 years. I'll miss the devs and all our games. I get to be a fan of Blacklight again."

Next week MLG will host the MLG X Games Invitational at the X Games Austin where eight Call of Duty: Ghosts teams will compete for three days. The contest is being broadcast on the web-based