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Rise of Incarnates enters alpha this weekend

Free-to-play fighting game from the creators of Tekken and SoulCalibur, Rise of Incarnates, will enter alpha testing phase May 30 until June 1, Bandai Namco announced on its Tumblr today.

Rise of Incarnates features two-versus-two gameplay, various 3D arenas set in cityscapes and numerous fighters that offer unique skills and powers. The characters and their respective skill sets and roles will accommodate a variety of playstyles in both close-quarters and long-range combat.

Players take the role of humans referred to as "Incarnates" who "command untold mythical powers." Four humans and their respective Incarnates have been revealed to date with more to be unveiled in the future. The known fighters include Dr. Gasper Watteau/Grim Reaper, Terrence Blake/Deuteros, Mireia Vaentin/Lilith and Jedrek Tyler/Mephistopheles.

Revealed in April, Rise of Incarnates is slated to release in the North America for Windows PC later this year. Players can sign up to participate in the Rise of Incarnates's alpha by submitting their email on the official website. You can watch the title's extended intro trailer below.

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