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Now you can watch Mario Kart 8 replays on the Mario Kart TV website

Nintendo launched Mario Kart TV today, a website through which players can share and view replays of races from Mario Kart 8.

Mario Kart 8's in-game Mario Kart TV feature plays off the highlight reel featured at the end of each race, pulling footage for players to edit and upload for sharing. These clips are viewable on the Mario Kart TV website, which works on both PCs and mobile devices.

On the website, players log in with their Nintendo Network account and can view their own clips, as well as those shared by others worldwide. The site allows users to search for specific clips with different filters, such as by track, character and race type. Mario Kart TV also offers options to share videos via Facebook and Twitter once they've been watched, as well as view comments for the videos posted to YouTube and Miiverse.

Mario Kart TV was announced during a financial results briefing by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata earlier this month, kicking off the company's planned smartphone service. Check out Polygon's review to see how Mario Kart 8 stacks up.

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