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Mythic Entertainment shuts down as EA shifts mobile development

Mythic Entertainment, the developer behind Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online, has been shuttered by Electronic Arts, a spokesperson confirmed to Polygon today.

News of Mythic's closure was first reported by Kotaku. Polygon independently confirmed the studio's shuttering and received the following statement from EA:

"We are closing the EA Mythic location in Fairfax, Virginia, as we concentrate mobile development in our other studio locations. We are working with all impacted employees to provide assistance in finding new opportunities, either within EA or with other companies via an upcoming job fair."

Mythic Entertainment, which launched in 1995, was purchased by EA in 2006. The studio is best known for its work on titles such as Dark Age of Camelot, Ultima Online and Warhammer Online. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning was shut down in December of last year.

The developer eventually shifted to mobile work and released Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar in 2013.

Mythic released a rebooted mobile version of designer Peter Molyneux's Dungeon Keeper last year. The game was universally panned for its microtransactions and deviations from the original title, even drawing the ire of Molyneux himself. In an interview with BBC UK, Molyneux called the game's time consuming resourcing farming "ridiculous."

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