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Watch Dogs download problems preventing some PS4 users from playing

Some PlayStation 4 users who purchased Watch Dogs from the PlayStation Store are experiencing slow downloads that prevent them from playing the game, according to a thread on the official PlayStation forums. 

On the PS4, the game downloads an initial 3.4 GB file. After that file downloads, Watch Dog owners can begin playing. Launch Watch Dogs, and the title screen shows that the game is still installing in the background (see above). 

Users in the thread and one member of Polygon experience the same problem during an early part of Watch Dogs that prevents them from continuing to play the game beyond a certain point until the PS4 downloads more data. Several more people in the PlayStation forums are reporting the same problem. 


The download problem does not seem to be affecting all users. While Polygon's PS4 in question has been unable to play Watch Dogs for more than 15 hours as it waits to download more (see above), other consoles have not experienced the same problem. 

We've reached out to Ubisoft and Sony for more information and will update this article with more information as we receive it.

For more on the game, which was released earlier this week for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC, be sure to read Polygon's Watch Dogs review and watch the video below. 

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