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Kart racing finally comes to Arma 3

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Arma 3's military sandbox is getting an injection of fun today with the addition of kart racing. Previously an April Fool's Day gag from Bohemia Interactive, the $1.99 downloadable add-on, Arma 3 Karts, is now reality.

Included in the Arma 3 Karts DLC is a "20hp 4-stroke engine go-kart, several kart liveries, playable race driver and marshal game characters, new kart-racing Time Trials and Steam Achievements, plus various race objects to build your own racetracks," Bohemia said in an update today.

Proceeds from the sale of Arma 3 Karts will go to benefit the Czech Red Cross, as Bohemia calls the unusual add-on "a fun little side-step."

But the kart racing downloadable content also serves a more serious purpose. Bohemia is using Arma 3 Karts as something of a test bed for its experimental downloadable content plansBohemia is attempting to avoid fracturing the game's player base with the release of DLC, by letting players who own new and upcoming add-ons play with those who don't.

Bohemia's plan is to make all Arma 3 DLC available to all owners of the game, Bohemia says, with "reasonable restrictions applied to those who have not purchased them." The developer is also implementing a "generous try-before-you-buy system" and allowing players to purchase Arma 3 add-ons from within the game itself or through the Steam store.

"A key component of our new approach is the idea that, while new content is paid, new features are entirely free," said Arma 3 project lead Joris-Jan van 't Land. "This enables us to grow the platform with significant new gameplay updates for everyone who owns Arma 3, while offering up great extra content for those players who want to experience it and support our ongoing development."

Future downloadable content includes Arma 3 Helicopters and Arma 3 Marksmen, which will be sold separately for $15.99/€12.99/£10.99. The three add-ons can be purchased in a cost-saving bundle that will sell for $24.99/€19.99/£16.99.

For more on Bohemia Interactive's plans for Arma 3 DLC, read the development team's in-depth roadmap.

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