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Xbox One Snap audio improvements planned

Microsoft has announced some new tweaks to Xbox One's settings, including a way to control audio in Snapped apps.

According to Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb, the new sound mixer will allow users to control the volume levels of two apps when using Snap. This means the player can decide which app is louder.

A new setting is also being added to control the volume levels when using Kinect for chat. Additionally, Microsoft is asking users to fix their settings in order to collect more voice samples for the company's algorithms. "If you want to help us in our efforts to make voice and speech improvements for Kinect even better, you can opt-in to a speech data collection," explained Hryb. "Under Settings, then Privacy & Online Safety, go to Customizing privacy and online safety and set Share Voice Data to Allow. This is completely optional and all voice data shared via this setting will be used for product improvement only."

The new additions are currently being tested in Early Access and will roll out in the next system update. Two weeks ago, Microsoft released its April update, which featured friends notifications, Kinect refinements and headset adapter improvements.

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