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Broforce hit with two new bros and a mechanized terror

The latest Steam Early Access update for Broforce, the over-the-top side scrolling game from indie developer Free Lives Games, features two new bros, a new mechanized terror unit and a slew of gameplay changes based on player feedback.

The two new playable bros include the beretta-wielding Time Bro, who can slow down time, and Broniversal Soldier, who can revive bros and raise enemies back from the dead to fight alongside players.

The new mechanized enemy unit can dish out "massive mech destruction because mechs are awesome killing machines but must be stopped at all costs in the name of freedom, justice and the American way." Players who stop it can "get inside and f*ck shit up."

Changes have been applied to Indianna Brones, the Mammoth Kopter boss and more based on feedback from players participating in Broforce's Early Access. Those interested can watch the update highlight video below and read the full list of changes on the Broforce Steam forum.

Broforce was approved through Steam Greenlight late last year, entered Early Access in April and is expected to launch in full for Windows PC and consoles this summer. To learn more about the classic action movie-inspired co-op game, be sure to check out our interview with its developers.