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This is Molyneux's year-long roadmap for Godus

Godus developer 22cans released a year-long roadmap for its Kickstarter funded god game, featuring a list of upcoming plans slated to take place from now until next spring.

The company is currently working to bring Hubworld to life, which will allow users to meet and communicate with other in-game Gods, trade with other cultures, and experience simultaneous multiplayer.

"In Hubworld, you will meet three other gods (i.e. players) in one of many connected provinces and help each other progress through the game by trading. Each player will start with their own new Settlement, unique to Hubworld, oriented towards their own point-of-view of the landscape," reads a statement from the developer. Hubworld features a Jupiter sized planet and will make the 51 percent completion point for Godus.

By summer, the studio aims to include more voyages and multiplayer voyages to the game, as well as the ability to determine the behavior and morality of their followers. Later, players will be able to civilize their followers, expand their influence, improve settlement mechanics and reach higher levels in Hubworld. By Winter, the studio hopes to refine some of the foundations of the game, including PC UI, battles and wildlife.

The beta for Kickstarter-funded Godus launched last September through Steam Early Access. The development team has been quiet for a few months, with the most recent details coming from Molyneux in February regarding the game's monetization system. He stated the in-game store won't be open to players until they are deemed ready as part of a monetization model "that hasn't existed before."

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