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Latest Minecraft PS3 patch adds texture packs and fixes invisibility problems

The newest update for Minecraft on PlayStation 3 is now available, bringing with it a handful of new texture packs and tweaking several bugs related to invisibility problems, according to a post on the game's forums.

Players on PS3 now have access to four more add-on packs; the Candy Texture Pack, Natural Texture Pack, Skin Pack 2 and the Battle and Beasts Skin Pack 2.

In addition to several tweaks to voice chat, players will also no longer accidentally go invisible after respawning or when two players go through a nether gate simultaneously. Invisibility triggering after teleporting has also been fixed. Players can also now attach signs to chests by placing blocks above it, as well as breed Ocelots with each other and with Cats.

Mobs of creatures will no longer accidentally die in walls and the maps will load properly — previously, large chunks would be missing when maps were called up. A glitch with the Potion of Night Vision that would corrupt the game's user interface has been rectified and damage decals will now display correctly both in Survival mode and and in splitscreen.

Minecraft launched for PS3 earlier this month. PlayStation 4, Playstation Vita and Xbox One versions are on the way this August.

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