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Sunset Overdrive's wild weapons explained in motion

Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac Games' upcoming energy drink-fueled Xbox One shooter, will equip players will a variety of wacky weapons, which the developer demoed in a video this week on the game's official YouTube channel.

The developer best known for Ratchet & Clank games is taking influence from that series' notoriously diverse arsenal in Sunset Overdrive. "I mean, weapons are kind of our thing," said associate community manager Brandon Winfrey. "And to us they're characters unto themselves."

Press play above to see those "characters" — like an exploding robot teddy bear — in action.

For more on Sunset Overdrive, be sure to read our impressions and interview with the developers. You can learn more about the company behind the game in Polygon's Insomniac feature.

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