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Pikmin 3 update adds GamePad control style

An update for Pikmin 3, Nintendo's real-time strategy game for Wii U starring the series' titular flowery creatures, adds the GamePad's stylus as new default control option. 

The new control scheme lets you tap directly on the tablet-like controller to switch between characters, toss and otherwise control them. Stylus control also adds new buttons to the GamePad's screen: one for each of Pikmin 3's main characters, Alph, Brittany and Charlie, and one each to call up the Apps menu, Dismiss your followers and a link to your fruit juice. The game's physical controls for calling and moving your characters remain available. 

The Pikmin 3 update to version 2.0.0, spotted by Twitter user James Scott, downloaded automatically on our console. We booted the game and were greeted with a message informing us that the "GamePad control style has been set to [Stylus]" and that we could "switch back to the original controls" with the plus button menu. We entered that menu and were presented with the option to Keeps As Is or switch to the Classic control style. 

For more on Pikmin 3, which you can get free by purchasing and registering Mario Kart 8, be sure to read Polygon's review

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