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1001 Spikes - Overview video

1001 Spikes is a game about memory, mastery and cursing like a sailor.

It is an immensely punishing game, forcing you to take on trap-filled screens as you endeavor toward a distant exit. Even if your platforming skills are super on point, you're still going to chomp it, and frequently — oftentimes after forgetting about that one spike pit that you swore to yourself you would never, ever forget. It's a game in which you'll get killed right next to the finish line, then die inches from the starting line on your next run. It is ... it's just so hard, gang.

In this Overview, Justin and I dial into the Dracula Gaming Protips Hotline to help get ourselves through 1001 Spikes, which ends up being a pretty bad investment of time and money. Also, fair warning: This video is not especially safe for work (NESFW), thanks to a pinch of salty language.

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