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You can now download and test the Unreal Tournament prototype

Unreal Engine 4 subscribers can now download and test prototypes of the in-development Unreal Tournament, Epic Games announced in a post on its blog.

Users can also create and post their own prototypes, as well as provide feedback on movement and gameplay, on the Unreal forums.

The team is also testing out several weapons for Unreal Tournament; a shock rifle prototype and shock combos, as well as minigun and flare cannon blueprints are available for users' perusal. Developers ask that prototype testers share feedback in the dedicated weapon design forum.

Epic also announced it is working on a design for a new Unreal Tournament logo, and that next week's Unreal stream will feature art director Chris Perna. Perna will discuss the art style for Unreal Tournament as well as the concept art the community has submitted.

Earlier this month, Epic announced that the new Unreal Tournament will be a free, fully moddable multiplayer shooter and that Epic will take player feedback into account during development. Unreal Tournament will use Unreal Engine 4 and launch for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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