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Broken Age's first act available on Ouya, Act 2 available to pre-order

The first act of Double Fine's two-part point-and-click adventure game, Broken Age, is now available on Ouya, the developer announced today.

Ouya owners will be able to pick up the first act as a stand-alone game for $15, while Act 2 can be pre-purchased. Broken Age is the story of Shay and Vella, two teens from different worlds seeking to "break the tradition" they each face in their lives. Players can swap between Shay at Vella at will to chat up the game's characters and solve puzzles.

The first half of the game is currently available on Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. It's expected to launch for iOS in a few weeks.

For more on Act 1 of Broken Age, check out our review. According to Double Fine founder Tim Schafer, splitting the game into two parts ensured without question that the developer would be able to complete the second half.

Full disclosure: The writer of this story has a personal relationship with an employee at Double Fine unrelated to this project. You can find information about Polygon's ethics statement here.

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