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Latest DLC adds five arenas to Ryse's multiplayer

Ryse: Son of Rome's latest add-on, the Morituri Pack, became available yesterday, adding a total of five arenas to two multiplayer modes.

The Morituri Pack, which is $7.99, adds the Beacon, False Gods and Revolution arenas to Gladiator mode, and Sulfur River and The Forbidden Forest to the game's Survival mode.

False Gods (pictured above) is an ancient Egyptian setting; Beacon tasks players to infiltrate a barbarian camp, and Revolution is set in the ruins of the Roman empire. Sulfur River and Forbidden Forest present a series of traps as players try to hold out as long as they can.

All the arenas have been optimized for solo Gladiator and Survival play, too. The Morituri Pack also includes a player skin for Oswald, King of the Britons.

Additionally, Crytek kicked off a hunt to find the last four of nine Easter eggs the developers hid in the game. Hints to their locations (and links to videos of the five already found) may be seen here. Though Crytek isn't offering any prizes for finding them, the players who do spot them first can receive credit for doing so. Details are at the link, and all the remaining Easter egg locations will be revealed on June 2.

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