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1001 Spikes to launch on 3DS, Wii U on June 3, with discount offered

1001 Spikes, the 2D "tough-as-nails" action platformer arriving June 3 on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Mac and Windows PC, will also launch for the 3DS and Wii U on that day, developer Nicalis announced.

Nicalis said it was waiting on the announcement of the Nintendo launch while it finalized a deal to offer a loyalty discount to those who have bought its other games on those platforms. Those who have bought Cave Story, Grinsia, Ikachan, Night Sky or VVVVVV may get 1001 Spikes for $9.99. Its full price is $14.99.

Nicalis also admitted that late in development, "a few issues were discovered in the game which left us with two options. One being we push back the release date on Nintendo consoles or put it out as is with those issues."

Ultimately, Nicalis chose to release the game as is, under assurances from Nintendo that an update could be issued "within a couple days of release to knock out those bugs.

"Ultimately, we chose the latter because our fans want to play the game and we don't plan to leave our Nintendo fans behind on a game they've been patiently waiting for," Nicalis said.

In 1001 Spikes, players begin as explorer Aban Hawkins searching for his missing archeologist father and the treasure of Ukampa in South America. Players will run through the temple ruins while avoiding deadly traps. 1001 Spikes can be played single-player or with up to four players in co-op and versus modes. The game includes more than 100 stages, two dozen unlockable characters and multiple endings.

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