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MouseCraft is coming to PSN on July 8

Indie puzzle game MouseCraft is coming to the PlayStation Network on July 8, publisher Curve Studios announced in a recent game trailer released to the company's official YouTube page.

Earlier this year, Curve Studios' marketing manager Rob Clarke confirmed the game would hit PSN this summer, with plans to bring the puzzle game to PlayStation Vita in May.

MouseCraft features more than 50 levels in its campaign mode, alongside leaderboards, collectables, a ranking system and a level editor. The game tasks players with navigating mice through an obstacle-filled maze to get cheese, all by controlling the environment rather than the mice themselves.

MouseCraft was Greenlit last October and is currently available on Windows PC for $9.99 via Steam's Early Access. It will launch at the full price of $14.99. Those who purchase Early Access receive the game's soundtrack composed by Mikolai Stroinski (Dark Souls 2).