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Brenda Romero will feature in new documentary No Princess in the Castle

A new documentary film from the directors behind The Video Craze is set to explore 30 years of the never before recorded history of women in gaming.

No Princess in the Castle is being described by its creators as "a new documentary on the lives of women in gaming who, against all odds, punched through the peripheral shadows and entered the gaming world center stage."

The film features interviews from over 30 female programmers, competitive gamers, writers and graphic designers, including industry veteran Brenda Romero, programmer Rebecca Heineman and competitive gamer Ryli Cious. You can check out a full list of those involved right here.

Directors Dave Danzara and Natalie Rossetti are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and so far has reached $13,836 of its full $60,000 funding goal with 22 days to go.

Those interested may also enjoy reading Polygon's feature No Girls Allowed: Unraveling the story behind the stereotype of video games being for boys, as well as our report on how schools are failing to get women involved in the games industry.