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The Longest Journey voice actor is seeking help with MS medical bills

Voice actor Sarah Hamilton, best known in the gaming community for her role voicing protagonist April Ryan in Funcom's The Longest Journey and Dreamfall adventure games, is seeking help to pay for medical and physical therapy bills relating to ongoing issues with Multiple Sclerosis.

In April, Hamilton was scheduled to undergo surgery for a fusion of her spine, resulting in four days in hospital post-surgery. The stress of incoming bills has resulted in a relapse of her multiple sclerosis, Hamilton writes, which has come in the form of severe vertigo.

"This doesn't make movement easy, which is crucial to my healing. One doesn't want to topple over after a back fusion, that's not such a good idea," says Hamilton on her official GoFundMe profile. Hamilton is currently seeking $13,800 in funds to help with medical bills and has raised $2,681 as of press time.

"So what is my opportunity here?," she continues. "It's to acknowledge that I need help. Help with my bills. Once I am given the go ahead to go back to work it will be part time, and in conjunction with all my regular bills I won't be able to pay my previous doctors bills let alone my new ones. I also acknowledge how so very grateful I am for being allowed the time to get well and for having those around me who love me. Yet I need help. And if you are able to do so I would be so grateful to all of you for the rest of my healthy life."

Hamilton previously spoke to Polygon about the medical issues that have reared their head in the period following her work with Funcom. After being diagnosed with MS in 2002, she was told she was suffering from Stage 2 Parotid Gland Cancer just 18 months later. "During radiation, during the treatment for cancer, I had to stop working for six months," she told us. "Because it was all very much in my throat and my mouth, and my doctor was like, 'You've got to stop working.'" Hamilton, who currently lives in New York, is still a voice actor, as well as a charity funder and certified life coach.

You can help support her right here.

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