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Classic Mortal Kombat on Wii U has no chance of happening, says series creator

There is a zero percent chance that classic Mortal Kombat games will release to Wii U virtual console, series creator Ed Boon stated on his official Twitter account.

Responding to a fan question regarding whether the NetherRealm Studio creative director believes SNES version of Mortal Kombat 1 through 3 will release to the virtual console, Boon wrote "0.0%."

Mortal Kombat has seen releases on a number of Nintendo systems including SNES, Nintendo 64 and Wii consoles. In 2011, Boon suggested interest in the Wii U console, telling Gametrailers: "When thinking about the Wii U and controller, I would like to think we will do something innovative and cool. We are all very excited. Whenever there is new hardware we start to think on a bigger scale. When you see that screen and controller in there, to me things start connecting in terms of what we can do with our game, enhancing the experience."

So far it's yet to happen for the game.