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League of Geeks surpasses $200K Kickstarter goal to fund digital board game Armello

The Kickstarter campaign for Armello, Melbourne-based indie game developer League of Geeks' digital board game, surpassed its funding goal this week.

League of Geeks launched a Kickstarter campaign last month to raise $AUD 200,000 to allow its core team to work on the game full-time. At the time of writing, Armello has $210,579 in pledges with three days remaining in the crowdfunding campaign.

"We're incredibly humbled by the response to Armello. Not only on the Kickstarter, but from our friends, peers and the international press," Armello developer Trent Kusters told Polygon. "Such vocal support of this crazy endeavour of ours is so reassuring. After three years working out of hours, it's easy to question whether you're on the right path.

"I think it's clear that we're not only well and truly on course, but that LoG has a creative voice that a lot of people are interested in hearing more of," he added. "Which works for us, because we're all roaring to get stuck into Armello again. Hopefully we can wrap up this campaign with a bang. We're keen to take a few stretch goals down before the curtain closes."

Armello's stretch goals begin at $225,000, which introduces a new winter tile set for the board, up to $300,000 for Android and Windows tablet support. The team also revealed four surprise stretch goals that will unlock new clan heroes, beginning with the Rat Clan hero at $215,000. The campaign is the second highest Kickstarter game funded in Australia since the site's launch in the country last November.

The game was first announced in late 2012 for iPad, with the team working on Armello in its spare time since. League of Geeks is also developing the game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. To learn more about the digital board game, be sure to check out Polygon's interview with the developer and impressions of the pre-alpha build of the title.

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