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Square Enix selling porcelain dinnerware commemorating Saga's 25th anniversary

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the open-world role-playing game series SaGa this year, developer Square Enix is selling commemorative dishes, teacups and saucers through its Japanese online store.

The store lists several varieties of porcelin plates, from small 6,000 yen dishes (approximately USD $58.82) featuring pixel art to 1,080,000 yen (USD $10,587.24) ones featuring concept artwork from 1992 title Romancing SaGa. There is also a 10-piece set of small plates available, as well as 20,000 yen (USD $196.06) white and blue porcelin cups with matching saucers, each featuring Romancing SaGa pixel art.

All items are being produced in Saga, a small southern prefecture of Kyushuu, the third-largest of Japan's islands. Square Enix is currently accepting pre-orders for these items, some of which — like this five-piece saucer set — are slated to ship in July. Other pieces, including the teacups, will ship this October. Pre-orders will remain open for these limited edition pieces until June 2. 

The first SaGa title, The Final Fantasy Legend (Makai Toshi SaGa in Japan), launched for Game Boy on Japan in Dec. 1989 and was brought to North America the following year. The series spans 10 games, including the Romancing SaGa trilogy and two SaGa Frontier titles. Its most recent addition was Emperors SaGa, a downloadable social card-battling game released through the GREE platform in Japan in 2012.

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