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Eve: Valkyrie getting its own comic adaptation from Dark Horse

CCP Games is partnering with Dark Horse to create more comics centered on the Eve Online universe, including a new comic based on upcoming virtual reality dogfighting shooter Eve: Valkryie, the companies announced.

The digital comics series based on Unreal Engine 4-developed Valkyrie will tell the origin story of the first Valkyrie pilots within Eve's world of New Eden. Additionally, CCP and Dark Horse will create Eve Universe: The Art of New Eden, a tome of never-before-revealed concept artwork, sketches and renders from throughout Eve's development. Similar to the Eve: Source encyclopediac compendium and visual guide, the creation of The Art of New Eden will heavily involve CCP artists, developers and creative teams. 

"Eve: Valkyrie represents another great opportunity to join forces with CCP and contribute a dynamic original story to the mythology of New Eden," Dark Horse editor Dave Marshall said in a press statement. "With the Eve Universe: The Art of New Eden book we will once again tap into the CCP art vault and present an even deeper examination of CCP’s epic universe through its striking imagery.”

Eve: Source and Eve: True Stories served as our initial explorations into the universe of Eve Online with Dark Horse,” added CCP vice president of business development Thor Gunnarsson. “We’re pleased to continue our relationship with two new and exciting projects that will be enjoyed by both hard-core Eve players and those new to our vast universe of online conflict and collaboration.”

Earlier this year, Dark Horse launched Eve: True Stories, comics based on stories collected from Eve players about their adventures in-game. A television series based on the game is also in the works

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