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Joystick used to land Apollo 15 on moon for sale

The hand controller that was used by the Apollo 15 crew to land on the moon's surface will be sold off this month in an Aviation and Space auction, according to a media release from RR Auction.

The spring-loaded hand controller was used to control pitch, roll and yaw while maneuvering to and from the lunar surface. The controller is described as tight and returns to neutral position, and still has its communications trigger switch. Bidding is expected to reach as high as $300,000.

The joystick was used by Commander Dave Scott to manually guide the Lunar Module Falcon to the moon's surface in 1971 after tracking data indicated they were going to land 3,000 feet south of the targeted landing site.

"While risking their lives during the most critical and historic phases of their mission, these are the items that the astronauts personally selected to retain as mementos from arguably the greatest technological and engineering achievement of the 20th Century," said VP at RR Auction Bobby Livingston.

Other items that will be featured in the auction include Buzz Aldrin's NASA-issued "comfort" glove worn at the Tranquility Base during the first lunar landing, and a Jerusalem tile flown in lunar orbit.

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