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Killzone: Shadow Fall gets Warzone system tweaks, incoming new multiplayer map

First-person shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall had some changes made to its Warzone system recently and is slated to get a new multiplayer map, according to a post on developer Guerrilla Games' franchise blog.

A screenshot of the map (above) was tweeted by game director Steven ter Heide, noting that the new map will be free.

Guerrilla has made some changes to the Warzone menu and game mode rotation based on player feedback. A new system has been introduced featuring hand-picked fan favorite Warzones rotating out on a regular basis. In addition to the rotating official Warzones — which kicks off this week with Domination mode — modes have been reduced to 24 players. All other Warzones that have been not been marked as official will still rotate in for play one at a time.

Additionally, Guerrilla is working to streamline the multiplayer menu UI and tweak balance for two weapons. The VC30 Sickle now has an increased pellet spread of 15 percent and damage ranges have been reduced by 50 percent. Meanwhile the StA101 Kameraad has had its moving hip fire spread reduced by 45 percent and its standing and crouching hip fire spread reduced by 10 percent.

Killzone: Shadow Fall launch on Nov. 15 along the PlayStation 4 in North America. Check out Polygon's review for more details on how the game handles.

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