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Rockstar teaches GTA 5 players how to design Capture Jobs

Grand Theft Auto 5 players looking to design successful Capture Jobs should keep several things in mind, according to a post today on developer Rockstar Games' official site.

Released through a recent update, the Capture Creator allows players to create their own missions in Grand Theft Auto Online.  Players can choose weaponry, define locations, place pickups and modify many other variables to create Capture Jobs.

After giving your Job a description, title and image, Rockstar advises players to scale the environments with the number of players. A new feature allows players to place AI-controlled characters within Capture Jobs, each with their own roles and attributes. For example, placing characters like police will earn you a three-star wanted level if you shoot them.

Players can create three types of Jobs. In Contend Jobs, players battle over capture objects, which players bring to their capture point. Players should keep each team's starting point, capture points and respawn areas in mind when designing, according to Rockstar. In GTA Capture Jobs, which are focused on vehicles, Rockstar says capture missions should be built around the size of the vehicles to be captured. Those creating Hold Jobs, where you capture objects from around the map and enemy bases, should know that any objects placed inside enemy bases will count toward their score. Those creating Raid Jobs need to put objects in specific capture points and plan their locations, keeping in mind that these Jobs are all about capturing objects from other teams' bases.

You can see more detailed instructions on Rockstar's blog. For more on Grand Theft Auto 5, be sure to read and watch Polygon's review.