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Kentucky Route Zero Act 3 now available

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The third act of Kentucky Route Zero, the magical realist point-and-click adventure game from Cardboard Computer, is now available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC, the studio announced today.

Steam copies of Kentucky Route Zero should automatically update themselves with Act 3. Players who bought the game through the Humble Store will see an updated copy on their account page; they can also head to the Humble Store's key resender page if they can't access their account.

Cardboard Computer noted that there's a small issue with the Mac version of Kentucky Route Zero right now. Switching out of the game with command+tab doesn't work in fullscreen mode, so for the time being, Mac users will have to switch to windowed mode (command+F) first in order to use command+tab.

It's been more than 11 months since the release of Kentucky Route Zero's second act, which launched in early June 2013. In the interim, Cardboard Computer put out "The Entertainment" last November, an interlude between the second and third acts. This past February, the studio's two developers explained that they went dark because they were demoralized by missing promised deadlines for the first two acts and because of their creative process. Next up are Acts 4 and 5, the final two episodes of the game.

For more on Kentucky Route Zero, which was one of Polygon's top 10 games of 2013, check out our Cooperatives episode about the game below.

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