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Shadowgate remake hits this summer, pre-orders open

Shadowgate, the reimagining of ICOM Simulations' 1987 point-and-click adventure game, will launch on Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android tablets late summer for $19.99.

The Windows PC and Mac versions of the Zojoi-developed remake are available for pre-order from the game's official website. Players can pre-purchase the title for $14.99; the Adventurer Pack for $19.99 that includes the game, wallpapers and a digital Shadowgate calendar; or, the Hero Pack for $24.99, which includes other pre-order items, digital soundtrack, digital art book, beta tester access and the game a week before launch.

Shadowgate features new animations and "4K-capable" high resolution artwork, and includes new puzzles and rooms. Both the fully orchestrated score of the NES version soundtrack and the original soundtrack are available to listen to while playing.

Zojoi announced the remake mid-2012 and launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the point-and-click adventure title's development in October 2012. For more on Shadowgate and the MacVenture series, be sure to read our in-depth feature on Zojoi and ICOM Simulations.

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