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Kerbal Space Program modders join Curse Forge community

Modders in the rocket simulation game Kerbal Space Program can now join to partner on a new website for Kerbal Spaceport, the host site for the game's community.

Modders will now be able to update and upload their mods for the game onto the new website right here. The earlier website will remain open for modders to transfer earlier works to Curse.

"We've got a great platform and a tremendous team that will be supporting the amazing modders for Kerbal Space Program," said said Bryan McLemore, Curse's Author Platform Evangelist. "We also expect the millions of gamers who frequent Curse every month to see Kerbal Space Program as a great addition to our existing community."

You can check out our recent feature on the game right here, on how a Mexico City marketing company turned one employee's dream into a reality, and why NASA is teeming with little green men.

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