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Xbox One's NFL app will livestream the 2014 NFL Draft this week

Xbox One users will be able to watch the NFL Draft through the console's dedicated NFL app, Microsoft announed on Xbox Wire.

Beginning Thursday, May 8 and running through Saturday, May 10, Xbox Live Gold members can use the app to view the new dedicated draft channel as well as other draft-related content and commentary.

The Draft Tracker feature, which can be viewed using the Xbox One's Snap feature, will automatically update as each team picks its players. Within the app, teams will be listed in their draft order and will include details on the kinds of players the team still needs. Picks will go live on the app instantly and players will be able to view highlights from the careers of each player picked.

The NFL app is already preparing for the draft to begin tomorrow; users can now view highlights and analysis on each team participating in the draft. Viewers who miss parts of the draft will be able to recap each team's picks later, and can do so while watching current live picks. 

“Our NFL experience currently features a large volume of NFL Draft videos and analysis, with new video content arriving daily,” executive producer of Sports at Xbox David Jurenka said.  "The control we give to fans is what makes our system unique. If your team drafts Johnny Manziel and you want to see some clips of him, you can just jump in and do that. We’re taking what has traditionally been a passive TV experience and making it interactive and personalized.”

The Xbox One's NFL app is part of a major deal between Microsoft and the NFL, which was announced when the console was unveiled in May 2013. The app includes the NFL Network, an all-football all-the-time livestream. NFL Now, a feature allowing viewers to tailor their NFL stream to their personal interests and favorite teams, was announed for the app in January.