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Drakengard 3's music won't follow previous styles, includes heavy vocals

The soundtrack for Drakengard 3, Access Games' upcoming prequel to the original Drakengard, will feature vocals on "most of the tracks" and differ from past installments in the series, sound director Keiichi Okabe said during a recent video interview.

In regard to his work, Okabe says he draws inspiration from whatever project he's working on, whether it's from the sense of its world or even its animation. The sound director was not involved with Drakengard 1 or 2, but worked on spin-off title Nier. Drakengard 3 will share a similar mood with Nier to some extent, he said, but the game doesn't follow a specific style.

"The director of the game ... specifically requested that Drakengard 3's music sound different from Nier, so I paid special attention to ensure there's a distinctive difference between the two.

"In terms of music that's different from Nier, many of the Nier tracks are gentle and soft-sounding. Of course Drakengard 3 includes soft tracks as well, but some of them can sound a bit more intense. Since one of the themes and concepts behind the Drakengard 3 world is 'the sense of contrast,' we paid special attention to ensure each track and melodic piece is carefully crafted."

You can watch the full video above. Samples of the game's music are available on the game's website.

Drakengard 3 launches for PlayStation 3 in North America May 20. The game comes as a standard edition for $49.99 or as a collector's edition for $79.99.

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